21 April, 2017

eHealth Hackathon 2017

3-day challenge to improve the Romanian medical system by combining the new technologies and their leaders, with health care mentors, and young developers willing to work together for creating and implementing new medical solutions.

Upcoming Events

Conference, workshop, hackathon and our new meet-up formats for developers, tech enthusiast or start-ups to learn, exchange ideas, network with other developers who share similar challenges. The topics focus on technology and business areas including Code Optimization, IoT, Mobile Apps, Cloud and more.

  • Razvan Voica

    Razvan Voica

    Manager Partner @ Informal School of IT

    The software communities are next higher rank and we should emphasize even more on building and empowering them. This is the level that truly makes a difference between Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley wannabes. I salute The HACK for their drive in pursuing this bigger goal and in getting people together. This is the only way we can become a software superpower and reach to international recognition.

  • Marius Mailat

    Marius Mailat

    CTO Appsrise, Google Developer Expert

    I had the pleasure to work with The Hack as speaker and trainer for events like Mobile:Next, Droidcon and also as co-organizer for Appcamp and DevFest Romania. Carmen and her team understands the needs for the Romanian market and brings on the table years of experience in organizing GREAT events for the developers and business events and combine these two worlds.

  • Victor Gradinescu

    Victor Gradinescu

    Co-founder ​@ ​Mobile Kinetics​ & Co-organizer @ GDG Bucharest​

    Knowledge sharing has not always been common in Romania, but in the more recent years, communication has exploded among developers and this is partly due to the wonderful events organised by The Hack team. It’s a pleasure to attend and sometimes to speak at these events, always in a very professional and yet friendly setup.​

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