Speakers from Amazon, Financial Times, MIT, Allianz Ventures, NVIDIA and SAP will take the stage at the upcoming edition of Techsylvania

The fourth edition of Techsylvania, the Leading Technology event of Eastern Europe is fastly approaching. The event will take place at the Student’s Culture Hall, in Cluj-Napoca, between June 17-20, where are expected 1,500 participants. The event is comprised 3 main parts: a conference, where prestigious thought leaders from thriving industries will join to share their valuable experiences, a 24-hour

Top companies, connected devices and startups competition at the 4th edition of Techsylvania

This summer Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania, becomes the connecting point between IT  and business experts at the leading technology and innovation event from Eastern Europe, Techsylvania. This year, the event will take place between the 17th-20th of June, at the Students` Culture Hall. With three previous editions, Techsylvania became recognized for the prestige of the invited speakers. During the

ING își consolidează hub-ul software din România

ING extinde hub-ul global de software din România și plănuiește ca în următorii doi ani să își mărească capacitatea la peste 500 de experți IT care vor dezvolta soluții software la nivelul grupului ING, parte din procesul de convergență către o singură platformă de digital banking. La un an de la înființare, ING Software Development Center lucrează cu o comunitate

O saptamana pana la SEETEST 2016 – conferinta regionala de testare software

Peste o saptamana va avea loc cea de-a 5-a editie a conferintei de testare software din Europa de Sud-Est – SEETEST 2016, organizata de catre South East European Testing Board in colaborare cu ANIS si Quality House. Realizat pentru a doua oara in Romania, evenimentul va reuni pe durata a doua zile – 15 si 16 septembrie, specialisti tehnici din

6 soluții premiate la eHealth Hackathon

Timp de trei zile, 11 echipe formate din tineri programatori au luat parte la cel mai important maraton de programare e-HEALTH HACKATHON. Misiunea lor a fost să utilizeze cele mai noi tehnologii, să gândească soluții inovative și să dezvolte aplicații pentru medicina și situațiile de urgență. Echipele au fost formate din tineri developeri, experți în programare, UX designeri, start-up tech-uri

Investing in Our Future – TAU Innovation Conference 2016

TAU Innovation Conference offers a unique opportunity to meet and develop a growing network of entrepreneurship and investments in Israel and gain meaningful exposure to the vibrant Israeli startup community. This year the conference will showcase more than 50 startups in addition to an estimated attendance of 4,000 guests including investors, diplomats, industry personnel, university faculty, students and more; this event will offer a

Scratch + Google = Next Generation of Programming Blocks for Kids

On the Scratch Team, we joke about the number of hours that we put into every detail of the design of our programming blocks and interface. We believe that our careful (sometimes obsessive) attention to design is one of the keys to the success of the Scratch community — which now has more than 11 million registered members, with 15,000 new members

HackTM 2016

An IT marathon of 3 days with a total of almost 50 hours of programming and tech talks. This and much more, at HackTM 2016, one of the greatest events of its kind in South-Eastern Europe, which takes place on 20th-22nd of May 2016, in Timișoara. Over 500 experienced or beginner programmers are expected to take part at HackTM, but

What is the Role of Prototyping in Mobile App Development?

Over the last few years, the quickly evolving mobile market has forced many app developers to adopt more rapid, iterative development and deployment practices. The underlying premise behind this shift to a more agile approach is that the speed of change in application development, coupled with the continuous evolution in platform, OS and devices, is often not compatible with more

Investors and Top Managers from Tesla, Hotmail, NASA, Skype and SoundCloud Meet at Techsylvania

The biggest technology event in the region is soon to be started! Techsylvania brings to Cluj-Napoca international leaders in investments, innovation and technology. The event will take place from 21st to 24th of May, at the Students’ Culture Hall. Born in a family of investors, Tim Draper is known as one of the biggest players on the global investments market. Tim Draper