MIHAELA STROE Nonverbal Magazine


Mihaela Stroe PhD., sociologist & expert nonverbal intelligence

Mihaela has a PhD in sociology, is an expert on nonverbal intelligence, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author.

She is developing  for more than 12 years programs and courses about nonverbal intelligence, communication and how to develop your human potential.

She is the founder of Nonverbal Magazine (www.nonverbal-magazine.com), online international publication.

She is an independent consultant for Human Synergistics  instruments from US for investigating organisational culture and making organisational change using productivity tools.

Professor of communication and social sciences at IIC University of Technology in Cambodia, she is involved in different research projects on increasing human brain potential, impression management, detecting deception, social and nonverbal influence.

She is the only profiler in Romania trained in behavioural analysis by Joe Navarro, former FBI agent, professor at FBI Academy and Harvard Business School and one of the creators of Behavioural Analysis Division inside FBI.

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